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Fix Your Strategy

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Additional Time
(Fix Your Strategy)

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Fix & Learn

1 Session

For 1 Hour, we will go through your Forex strategy and figure out the weaknesses. Identifying what part of your strategy needs to be improved, so the foundation you built can progress forward. Then we talk over some solutions that you can backtest on your own time.

2 Sessions

*Best Deal*

Here we have 2 Hours to identify the weaknesses, come up with solutions & APPLY them on the spot. We will work with you to apply the solutions we went over. Backtesting the ideas during the session to see what can work best and what makes the most sense for how you trade.

(Sessions can be broken up into multiple days)

Fix your Strategy & Teach you Ours

Here we will have 3 Hours to not only fix your strategy, but to learn our Forex strategy used to create profitability in a trading account.

We believe even if you don't use our strategy as is, you will be able to take ideas from our strategy and apply it into your trading style. 

(Sessions can be broken up into multiple days)