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Getting the Job Done Right

William Doviw


Since I was a little kid I realized that money was the center of a lot of problems. I saw how a small piece of green paper could break up families, friends and cause stress in the home. I watched my parents for many years go through their money issues. My parents were doing pretty good for themselves despite living in a poor area. Then the economy crashed in 2008. My dad used to always give me the few dollars he had in his pocket and I learned how to make it last because it wasn't guaranteed I would get more. Making $20 last 1 month or making $50 last for 3, I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to learn the best way to earn and save money. That Green piece of paper drove me to get my Associates in Accounting, Bachelors in Financial Planning, and learn the skill to make money in the Forex market. I will forever be a student to this craft, but I love being a teacher for someone looking for a bit more out of life. This is your opportunity; WILL YOU TAKE IT?