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We fix your Forex strategy or help you learn a new one


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Looking for a New Strategy or to Fix an Old one

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Fix Your Current Strategy

Lets work through what you have already. Sometimes it just takes another fresh set of eyes to point out the weaknesses in a strategy and come up with solutions.
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Learn a New Strategy

Maybe you are looking for something new or a different perspective. Lets go through the strategy that helped us be successful and see if its a good fit for you. If it's not, then maybe there are aspects in which you can pull and apply to your strategy.


D'OSIS TRADE is a company founded on the drive to help people learn the skill to earn money in the Foreign Exchange Market. Created in 2020, we understood how valuable our information was & how eager many people wanted to get into the trading space. Most people looking for education in trading can't afford the hefty price it entails, so we strive to share as much as we can hoping that it helps anyone who comes across the information. 

We constantly work on journaling & backtesting strategies with the purpose of distributing our findings through available social platforms.

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